About Us

Being able to identify, employ, onboard and manage quality personnel for your business can often feel like a challenging, and time-consuming roadblock. Trust us, we get it.

With a lack of access to quality personnel to fill the roles for your company, it can definitely pay to have a team you can count on. Particularly one where you can utilise their extensive network to find the ideal recruitment match.

We are Mill Street, a Perth-based recruitment company who have worked both as agency recruiters, and also as internal recruiters within human resources or project teams.

We understand why decisions are made for you to approach us to outsource your recruitment. Making that key decision to outsource to an agency is a big decision, and we don’t take that lightly. This is why we act as an extension of your recruitment team, and provide you with the benefits of both internal and external recruitment, under one roof.

Our team makes it easy for you, as we ensure your project is delivered on time, on budget and with minimal disruption to your business. From helping start-ups grow, and supporting clients through difficult times, our goal remains the same; being there for
you, as the preferred recruitment partner in Australia (we’re getting there!).

We value teamwork over showmanship. Our team is small. Our network is strong. We are serious about what we do.

Anyway, every good story starts with a conversation, so let’s have one.