What We Offer

Our staff are appreciating assets. They hold their weight in gold, there is no doubt about it. A wrong recruitment decision can cost you majorly down the road. Which is why it pays to partner with a dedicated recruitment agency.

We are Mill Street, a Perth-based recruitment company who have worked both as agency recruiters, and also as internal recruiters within human resources or project teams.

We act as an extension of your recruitment team, and provide you with the benefits of both internal and external recruitment, under one roof. We also understand how badly a business can be impacted when the wrong person joins the team, this is why when a company decides to outsource their recruitment, they come to us because we understand how important the job is.

Our highly experienced team works with CEOs, Managing Directors, Human Resources Managers and various business leaders by providing expertise in both blue and white collar staffing solutions across seven core disciplines.

From helping start-ups grow, and supporting clients through difficult times, we are here to help you with finding that right hire.

Employer Enquiry Form

With a lack of access to quality personnel to fill the roles for your company, it can definitely pay to have a team you can count on. Particularly one where you can utilise their extensive network to find the ideal recruitment match.

Submit your enquiry today, and our team will get back to you within 24 hours to address your staffing needs.

    How We Can Help

    Mill Street provides a consistent first-rate recruitment experience for our existing and future clients. Here is how we can help you with filling the gaps within your team. Whether it’s a permanent or temporary requirement, we will help you find the solution.

    Permanent Recruitment

    We find your company the best person for the role(s), and we ensure they are the ideal fit for your team and the company culture.

    Contract Labour Hire

    Do you have a particular project, or a set of time sensitive deliverables? Then our team can help you find the right project-based hires to get the job done.

    Outsourced Payroll

    Get a complete, and managed solution for all your internal payroll needs. By outsourcing your payroll, you can standardise your processes to drive consistent company outcomes.