Why You Should Come to A Recruiter For Your Next Job

Looking for a new job may be exciting but also scary at the same time. The possibility of moving up the job ladder and improving your standard of living with the prospect of a better job is exciting. Still, once you start job hunting, your enthusiasm may diminish with the long hours spent writing cover letters and conducting research on companies you want to work for, and not getting feedback.

The role of a recruiter like Mill St. is to be an expert in recruitment and job searches and the specific industry we’re recruiting for. Individual recruiters have specialties and the unique insight needed to place you in the perfect new job.

The next time you’re in the market for a new position, consider getting in touch with a recruitment agency that will help you through the process of finding your next anchor job by providing you with inside tips on what the company you are applying to is looking for and what to expect at the interview as well as keeping in touch through the process.

Here Are 6 Reasons Why You Should Use Recruiters

Think of recruiters as your very own manager or coach whose job is to oversee and reach the goal of helping to secure you a new job.

Recruiters have a great deal of experience in how the recruitment processes work and what employers are looking for and are often well connected with businesses who often don’t post their vacancies online for candidates to apply directly but utilize the knowledge of recruitment companies to effectively sell the job in the best way possible to attract top talent and the right candidate for the role.

1. Inside Knowledge Of The Companies Hiring

Not all positions are advertised online or on job boards. Some companies only post available jobs on their websites, while others rely on third-party agencies to find their candidates. By depending on search websites, you could miss out on many opportunities.

Recruiters can lead you to openings that are hard to find, which gives you an advantage over those candidates who aren’t using recruiters. With more options to apply to, chances of receiving job offers are higher when you choose recruiters over searching for jobs by yourself and online.

2. They Can Help You Prepare For The Interview

Recruiters need to have industry expertise, and often these are people that have had some or other experience in the industry and understand what is required to secure the job.

In this instance, it is like having your very own personal counselor helping you prepare for the interview ahead. They understand what the company wants in a candidate, so the recruiter can help you understand what the company is searching for, what strengths they require, and possibly an idea of what questions will be asked.

This often gives people peace of mind. You go into your interview with more confidence and initiative, allowing you to answer questions in stride and feel assured that you are showing the interviewer your true and best self.

3. You Stay In The Database

Recruiters will always keep you in the mix; if you apply for a job through a random job posting site, you are cut off from any further contact once that session is over. On the other hand, recruiters always keep your resume on hand for future opportunities.

Your resume is kept in the database, even if you don’t get the position you first applied for. Recruiters will constantly keep trying to match you with opportunities because they want what is best for you, and they have posts that need to be filled. Your resume does not get trashed. They will keep it in their database and find something else for you.

They have advanced software systems that allow them to keep track of your details, and they will keep matching you to jobs. Constantly being in the mix increases your chances of finding that new job.

4. They Provide You With Feedback And Support

If you are unsuccessful in securing the position after your interview, recruiters will stay in touch with you, and they will let you know why you didn’t get the job so you can work on that weakness for your next application.

When going through the process alone, you may never get feedback from the company about your resume or your interview and why you were not chosen as a possible candidate. That could mean that whatever the reason you didn’t get the job, you could be repeating the same mistake with future opportunities.

5. Recruiters Can Negotiate Salaries And Packages For You

Candidates negotiate salary package structures with recruiters because recruiters are often their primary point of contact during the hiring process. Nearly everyone should consider negotiating their salary for a position offered based on their worth.

Companies may sometimes have recruiters make the salary offers to avoid back and forth communication. In this instance, know that the recruiter is not against you in the negotiations. In most wage and package negotiations, everyone is on the same side of making sure the position is filled with the best-suited candidate for the job and that both company and candidate are happy.

Sometimes they may even be able to give you an idea of how much room for negotiation there is. If you consider what they want out of the negotiations, you’ll be better able to communicate with them about your desired salary.

6. Recruiters Save You Time

Using a recruiter can save time as they will already know about most job vacancies available in your sector and know exactly where to look. Recruiters spend their day matching suitable candidates for their client’s vacancies.

Recruiters will know what jobs are out there and devote a significant amount of time to make sure those jobs are filled, often chasing up your application on your behalf as they usually know the hiring managers personally and have direct contact with them.

Recruiters keep your job hunt confidential until you are ready to speak with your current employer to let them know you are leaving for your new job. The connection you make with a recruiter doesn’t end when you find that one job; a good recruiter will be there throughout your career.

It’s a vital relationship to maintain because it means if you’re ever interested in moving jobs again or taking your career in a new direction (which in this day and age is very likely), that recruiter who has already gotten to know you will be there to help you all over again.


Job hunting is a stressful enough process, and going at it on your own can be very daunting. Approaching a recruitment agency and having them help you through the process with guidance and support can lift a big concern off of your shoulder.

Recruiters have a much more extensive database available to them and can help place you in the right job at the right time with their network of people and contacts. Building a relationship with your recruiter is like rubbing shoulders with your future employer.






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